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Samira El Agoz

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I consider myself a behavioural researcher, utilising my physique and status to get information others might not. I become a test rat in my own laboratory. The process of discovery and creation informs not only how I view the world, but how I know myself.

Afstudeerproject: Cock, Cock.. Who's There?

"Cock, Cock.. Who's There?" is an unsettling, touching and private documentary performance of a young woman's research into intimacy and violence. Through online platforms, like Chatroulette and Tinder, and close encounters Samira Elagoz takes the audience on her journey of regaining power, reinventing autonomous expression of sexuality and attempts to relating to men.

Overige projecten

For the past years Samira Elagoz has been collecting personal experiences and intimate encounters with strangers, committing these to film that strikes a delicate balance between fiction and reality.


I aim to view my life as cinematic, as material to be manipulated, to see reality as both subjective and malleable. I want to capture and form reality into a work that is unsettling and encourages discussion of an audiences own ethics and intimacy.

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Samira El Agoz



Specialisatie Performance art/documentary film