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Enkidu Khaled

Enkidu Khaled (born in 1985 in Bagdad, Iraq) is a theatre maker and performer.

He has always been interested in how a human being is shaped by its context, and how it relates to its past, present and possible futures. In every work he makes, he wants to research how elements such as society, education, religion, politics, culture and transformation are influencing the nature and behavior of this human being.
In his work he melts the line between the field of theater and performance to reach new definitions, which swim between the two back and forth.
He studied theatre at the Institute of Fine Arts in Bagdad and worked on several pieces in Bagdad also. Since 2008 he lives and works in Belgium as a theatre maker and performer. In Belgium he directed ‘Gecrashed’ (2009-2010) produced bydetheatermaker and Scheld’apen (Antwerp), ‘Kidnap’ (2011-2012) produced byMonty (Antwerp) and workspacebrussels (Brussels), ‘Dreams of Environment’ (2012-2013) produced by bâtard festival (Brussels), detheatermaker (Antwerp) and workspacebrussels (Brussels).

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Enkidu Khaled