* What the body knows about teaching music: The specialist preschool music teacher's pedagogical content knowing regarding teaching and learning rhythm skills viewed from an embodied cognition perspective (Melissa Bremmer)

* Gesture, affect and rhythmic freedom in the performance of French Tragic Opera from Lully to Rameau (Jed Wentz)

* Mozart’s Requiem and Great Mass: History, theory, and practice of their completion (Clemens Kemme)

* ‘Del sonare sopra ‘l basso’: Practice and theory of basso continuo accompaniment in the seventeenth century (Thérèse de Goede)

* Karnatic rhythmical structures as a source for new thinking in music (Rafael Reina)

* Jazz harmony in concept and practice (Barbara Bleij)

Giovanni Punto (1746-1803): The cor basse player as a soloist (Teunis van der Zwart)