About the AHK


Questions related to a specific study programme can be send directly to one of the faculties of the Amsterdam University of the Arts. Contact information of the faculties can be found below.

Questions regarding general information about the AHK can be directed towards the Service Bureau via undefinedinfo[EMAIL BESCHERMD]@[EMAIL BESCHERMD]ahk.nl or 020 527 7710.
Mailing address: Postbus 15079, 1001 MB, Amsterdam
Visiting address: Jodenbreestraat 3, Amsterdam

Questions or comments concerning this website can be send to the web editors undefinedwebredactie[EMAIL BESCHERMD]@[EMAIL BESCHERMD]ahk.nl.
Also see: colofon and disclaimer AHK-web

Do you want to report a security incident regarding the computer network of the AHK? Please contact the Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT) of the AHK via security[EMAIL BESCHERMD]@[EMAIL BESCHERMD]ahk.nl.


Conservatorium van Amsterdam
Vistiting address: Oosterdokskade 151, Amsterdam
Mailing address: Postbus 78022, 1070 LP Amsterdam
020 527 7550
undefinedconservatorium[EMAIL BESCHERMD]@[EMAIL BESCHERMD]ahk.nl

Academy of Theatre and Dance
Vistiting adress: Jodenbreestraat 3, Amsterdam
Mailing address: Postbus 15323, 1001 MH Amsterdam

Netherlands Film Academy
Markenplein 1, 1011 MV Amsterdam
020 527 7333
undefinedfilmacademie[EMAIL BESCHERMD]@[EMAIL BESCHERMD]ahk.nl

Academy of Architecture
Waterlooplein 211-213, 1011 PG Amsterdam
020 531 8218
undefinedavb-info[EMAIL BESCHERMD]@[EMAIL BESCHERMD]ahk.nl

Breitner Academy
Overhoeksplein 2, 1031 KS Amsterdam
020 527 7220
undefinedbreitner[EMAIL BESCHERMD]@[EMAIL BESCHERMD]ahk.nl

Reinwardt Academy
Hortusplantsoen 1-3, 1018 TZ Amsterdam 
020 527 7100
undefinedrwa-info[EMAIL BESCHERMD]@[EMAIL BESCHERMD]ahk.nl

Executive Board and Services

Executive Board, Central administration, Concerncontrol, HR, Quality, communication and policy and General secretariat
Visiting address: Jodenbreestraat 3, Amsterdam
Mailing address: Postbus 15079, 1001 MB Amsterdam

Servicebureau, ICT, Information management and Premises and administration
Hortusplantsoen 1-3, 1018 TZ Amsterdam

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