About the AHK


The Amsterdam University of the Arts (AHK) trains students for the national and international world of art, culture and heritage. The AHK stands for educational excellence. In supporting exceptionally talented students to develop their artistic identity and cultivate an innovative vision, our outstanding tutors provide a solid grounding in skills and tradition, in collaboration with the international trend-setting cultural community of which Amsterdam is the centre.

Focal areas
In the next few years the AHK aims to maintain its high level of education. This goal is translated into four focal areas:

  • educational excellence and permanent pursuit of quality;
  • the student as the artist of tomorrow;
  • a firm position within the creative metropolis Amsterdam;
  • research directed at education and the development of the profession.

Institution Plan
Please read more about the mission and focal areas of the AHK in the undefinedInstitution Plan 2013-2018.