Application for the Modern Theatre Dance programme

Selection procedure

If you want to participate in the auditions for the Modern Theatre Dance programme you have to apply by filling out an application form. This is an online questionnaire, with questions about your preparatory education and dance experience. 

The form consists of several pages. Questions marked with * are compulsory. On the last page you are asked to check all your data and to click agree to send in the form.

Immediately after sending in the form you will receive a confirmation email. At least three weeks before the auditions you will receive another email telling you whether or not you are invited to take part in the audition.

Application form

Open the application form

Online as of 17 December 2016. Deadline for applications: 19 March 2017

Frequently asked questions

For the answers to frequently asked questions, go to FAQ.

More information

If you have any questions, please contact Annelies Rensink, tel. +31 20 527 7648, email: undefinedannelies.rensink[EMAIL BESCHERMD]@[EMAIL BESCHERMD]

Audition dates

go to: Selection and orientation for more information

National audition:
1st round 24 March 2017
2nd round 25 March 2017
International audition:
1st round 6 April 2017
2e round  7 April 2017
End audition:
For international and national candidates: 8 April 2017
Medical test:
9 April 2017