The course

From 10 through 29 July 2017, the Dutch National Summer School an in-depth summer course for ballet dancers between 15 and 21 years of age, will take place in the studios of the Dutch National Ballet.

  • 10-15 July 2017
    Bournonville Week
    Faculty: Dinna Bjorn, Frank Andersen, Anne-Marie Vessel, Eva Kloburg, Eric Viudes
  • 17-29 July 2017
    Two-week Intensive
    Faculty: Nathalie Caris, Christiane Marchant, Amy Raymond, Jean-Yves Esquerre, Ernst Meisner, Jozef Varga, Olivier Wecxsteen

The courses will focus on classical technique i.e., lessons in technique for girls and boys, variations, pas-de-deux, pointe technique (girls), men’s coaching and variations. Students will also follow lessons in contemporary dance and Dutch National Ballet repertoire. The course will be concluded with a studio presentation to an invited audience and parents.

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10-15 July 2017
Bournonville Week

17-29 July 2017
Two-week Intensive

Artistic Director
Jean-Yves Esquerre (artistic director Dutch National Ballet Academy)

Associate Director
Ernst Meisner (artistic coordinator Junior Company - Dutch National Ballet)