Ria Higler's book 'Movement Research - Stories and Journeys' for sale

Ria Higler's book 'Movement Research - Stories and Journeys' is now for sale! After decades of teaching, the SNDO asked Ria Higler to write about her work. This has resulted in a lovely book, full of information, and suggestions for the practice of embodiment in a profound way, which aims to be instrumental
in the creative process and in the practice of performativity.

It comes in a handy small format, easy to carry with you.
Make sure to get your personal copy as there are only a few left.

Contact Ria Higler via riahig[EMAIL BESCHERMD]@[EMAIL BESCHERMD]xs4all.nl

Price: EUR 7,50
Transfer to account: NL18DEUT0608916595 / de Theaterschool
Mentioning: Boekje SNDO