SNDO 2 visits Steirischer Herbst festival

From 12 to 16 October SNDO 2 visits the Steirischer Herbst festival in Graz, Austria. Visiting relevant festivals, conferences and programs curated and presented within the (inter)national arts field is part of the SNDO curriculum.

Last year programs such as the Postdance conference in Stockholm or Reflection Day at Kunstenfestivaldesarts in Brussels offered fruitful grounds for reflection on different topics that pertain to, expand and inform the practices of SNDO students.

This year SNDO 2 will visit undefinedSteirischer Herbst immersing themselves into a festival maze of performances, exhibitions, concerts and reflection sessions which this year address the questions of Europe through lenses of migration, displacement, borders, refugees and more broadly (critically) addressing Europe's colonial past and present.