In the theatre heart of Amsterdam

The Academy of Theatre and Dance (formerly: de Theaterschool) is located in the centre of Amsterdam, the heart of the Netherlands’ cultural life. Our teachers are distinguished theatre professionals, renowned both internationally and in the Netherlands. You are taught by the best teachers, and study alongside students from all of the stage arts, who share your passion and motivation. In these surroundings, we stimulate every student to explore their potential and develop their talents and artistic identity to the full. The programme concentrates on mastering all aspects of the craft. This goes hand in hand with engaging with and innovating the profession.  The Academy of Theatre and Dance (ATD) will provide you with the foundation for life-long personal and professional development, and the ability to maximize your contribution to the performing arts.

The language of the Theatre Department is Dutch. In order to function up to the mark in the lessons, foreign students are required to learn, speak, write and read Dutch during their first year of study.

Making theatre together

What makes the Academy of Theatre and Dance unique in the Netherlands is the inspiring dialogue between the different programmes that encompass the entire breadth of the theatre arts: the relationship between dance and theatre and the creative team of director, sound and light designer, producer and designer. Taught by instructors who are both teachers and theatre professionals, along with visiting instructors, you learn the many aspects of an ever-changing profession. You will also be regularly confronted with topical discussions about the profession. We aim to encourage you to learn to think deeply about your artistic practice and consider how you want to connect and interact with the world around you.

The best facilities

The Academy of Theatre and Dance was designed specifically to meet the needs of dance and theatre training. The school itself is structured along the lines of a large, professional theatre company: around 150 dance and theatre productions take place each year. You will find all the facilities you need here to realize your artistic ambitions – in professionally-furbished studios and fully equipped theatres. We have a black box theatre, a dance theatre and various try-out studios. The staff of the costume and scenery workshop, the visual media department, and the technicians and producers of de Theaterschool are on hand to help you create your productions..

Practical focus and enterprising

During your study, you will work intensively with students from other disciplines. All students take part in a variety of productions, as actor or dancer, theatre maker, (technical) producer or designer. You will gain valuable hands-on experience working as part of a team on collaborative interdisciplinary projects. You will also acquire clear professional insights and see what the job involves both inside, and outside, school. And, of course, you will get to see a great many productions. Your internship is a chance to gain experience and polish your practical skills, allowing you to put what you have learned into practice. Guest directors or guest choreographers also often assist students in creating productions at school. You will also have an opportunity to work with the international artists who are invited as Artists in Residence.

Working in the stage arts means working in a constantly changing environment. This is why your training at the Academy of Theatre and Dance encourages you to develop into a personality with the capacity to be self-sufficient. As a performing arts professional, you will create your own sphere of work. For that reason, the programme is keen to underline the importance of learning to work with other specialists and continuing to evolve independently in the professional world. The Academy of Theatre and Dance aims to give you the practical skills and business insights required for a successful professional practice.