About DAS Theatre

DAS Theatre offers one programme, one ‘dramaturgy of learning’, for students of two profiles: theatre makers and curators. We believe that an intense dialogue between both contributes to the development of new models and practices of relating to the world.

Do you think your work would benefit from experimentation, new input, unexpected artistic encounters and intense peer-to-peer exchanges? This is exactly how the DAS Theatre programme supports your artistic and professional development. An international environment, a broad network, a home and a working space, DAS Theatre is a full-time, two-year residential Master’s programme.

Significant collisions
Professional theatre makers and art workers from all walks of the performing arts studying at DAS Theatre define their goals and gradually explore and adopt the appropriate research methods. Although the focus is on individual development, our main educational strategies revolve around the learning potential of encounters. Exchanges with peers, advisors, guest teachers and staff ideally have the character of significant collisions. By encouraging our participants to tell their colleagues about their working processes, we foster professional intimacy. Both strategies enable important artistic and professional developments and form the basis of our strong international network.

Master of Theatre
DAS Theatre is an acknowledged master of theatre. Theatre is the backdrop: its history and conventions, the traditions and the avant-garde spirit. Performance is part of this legacy. Since this lively contemporary international scene of practitioners and theoreticians creates a cross-cultural critical environment, DAS Theatre consciously brings it into its programme: via guest teachers, advisors or mentors, the students themselves.

DAS Graduate School
DAS Graduate School was established in 2016 by the Academy of Theatre and Dance in order to bring its master’s, doctorate and research programmes together under one roof. DAS Theatre (previously DasArts – Master of Theatre), DAS Choreography (previously Amsterdam Master of Choreography) and DAS Research (previously Performing Arts in Transition research group) have joined forces to invest in the further development of education and research. The school is based in a recently renovated building in Amsterdam with a broad range of facilities, and the heart of the building functions as an open and welcoming locale for gatherings and meetings between the arts, science, education and society. 


Traces of time