Who can apply?

Professionals/practitioners/researchers working in the expanded field of theatre and curating. We invite practitioners with diverse backgrounds and interests rooted in theatre (making), performing arts curation, contemporary performance (making), dramaturgy, production, performance theory, and other disciplines bordering with performing arts.

We look forward to receiving applications from:

  • Theatre makers and curators with a BA education in the performing arts or related areas and with an existing body of work (therefor, applications from people under 25 will most likely not be selected).
  • Theatre makers and curators with the need and ambition to develop their work and reflect on it.
  • Theatre makers and curators who choose to do so in a collective setting. 
  • Theatre makers and curators with an openness and curiosity towards unfamiliar practices and esthetics. People for whom an (international) peer-environment comes with acknowledging, respecting and dealing with differences. 
  • Theatre makers and curators who are capable of self-organizing their time and initiating artistic processes (including establishing new collaborations, if relevant).
  • Theatre makers and curators who believe an educational context will offer them the structure and conditions they need. 
  • Theatre makers and curators keen on engaging with each other’s artistic and professional questions and discourses. 
  • Theatre makers and curators who want to work within the dynamics of DAS Graduate School, which functions as a big 'house', with a kitchen, and many different inhabitants: colleagues from DAS Choreography, DAS Research, and others. This proximity also allows for various inspirational exchanges.


Master of Theatre
Based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, DAS Theatre offers a residential programme leading to a Master of Arts (MA) degree. A Bachelor diploma (or equivalent) and professional experience are required. Due to its international character DAS Theatre’s lingua franca is English.



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