Harp training in the Netherlands is internationally renowned. Erika Waardenburg is active in the field of contemporary music, in many ensembles and as a teacher. She leads the Young Talents, which is very successful, also internationally.

Special attention is paid to orchestral performance, avant-garde, period performance practice and the small harp. Another feature of the harp programme is special audition training.

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Section representative: Erika Waardenburg


Erika Waardenburg section representative & principal subject
Sandrine Chatron orchestra & audition training

Admission requirements

* the exam will take 15 minutes playing time
* at least one work is to be played from memory
* if the candidate does not meet the requirements for the bachelor programme, he/she may be admitted to the preparatory course
* scales and triads may be tested
* sight-reading may be tested

The programme to be prepared (duration: 25 minutes) should comprise:
1. required work: C. Salzedo - Chanson dans la nuit for harp solo
2. etudes: two etudes, one with scales and one with broken chords
3. sonata or sonatina from the 18th century or the first movement from G.F. Händel's harp concerto
4. pieces: two works from different style periods (19th or 20th century)