Bachelor's Degree in Baroque Violin/Viola

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Required components of the curriculum

1. ensemble playing (trio sonatas by Castello, Buonamente, Corelli and Telemann)
2. orchestral playing practicum
3. continuo-playing
4. improvisation, ornamentation
5. performance practice, concluded in the last year with an undergraduate thesis
6. harmony and counterpoint
NB: components 1-4 are taught in a practically oriented lesson format; components 5 and 6 are taught as theory lessons.

Requirements for the final examination

* sonata from the early Italian Baroque period
* sonata by e.g. Biber, Walther or Muffat
* one sonata by Bach, BWV 1014-1019
* French piece by e.g. Couperin, Rebel, Marais or Corelli/Vivaldi
* chamber music of the student's choice of a level equivalent to Vivaldi, Turini, Corelli and Telemann

admission requirements

* one composizione from Geminiani's The Art of Playing on the Violin
* early Italian sonata by e.g. Castello, Fontana, Merula or Marini
* a movement from one of the Bach sonatas, BWV 1014-1019
* a sonata by Biber or Walther or Schmelzer, Telemann, Fasch