Bachelor's Degree in Traverso

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This is a multifaceted degree programme in which repertoire ranging from the seventeenth- to the nineteenth-century style periods is taught, incorporating as many aspects of the profession as possible:

* individual private lessons (technique, études, repertoire from the various periods from an historically informed performance practice perspective)
* regular group lessons
* methodology (teaching)
* chamber music and ensembles taught by various teachers
* orchestral repertoire, orchestra class and participation in orchestra projects
* the Sweelinck Baroque Orchestra class is held once a week under the guidance of various teachers, giving participants a chance to work on concertos for flute and orchestra, in addition to other opportunities
* regular evening group recitals
* coaching
* participation in masterclasses
* lectures
* attending the rehearsals and concerts of acclaimed orchestras and ensembles


‘Free space’ electives (third and fourth year): please see the general selection of electives in the Elected Components programme.


At the end of the first, second and third years:
* end-of-year examination lasting 20 minutes: an étude and two concert pieces of different character

At the end of the fourth year:
* final examination lasting 50 minutes: works from various style periods, preferably including a chamber work

admission requirements

* one etude and two pieces from different stylistic periods