Bachelor's Degree in Viola da Gamba

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This is a multifaceted degree programme in which as many aspects of the profession as possible are taught from an historically informed performance practice perspective:

*individual private lessons
* technique, études, repertoire from the various periods
* solo playing
* continuo playing
* consort playing
* regular group lessons
* methodology (teaching)
* chamber music and ensembles taught by various teachers
 *orchestral repertoire, orchestra class and participation in orchestra projects
* the Sweelinck Baroque Orchestra class is held once a week under the guidance of various teachers
* regular evening group recitals
* visiting museums and libraries
* participation in masterclasses
* lectures
 *attending the rehearsals and concerts of acclaimed orchestras and ensembles


‘Free space’ electives (third and fourth year): see the general selection of electives in the Elected Components programme.


At the end of the first, second and third years:
* end-of-year examination lasting 20 minutes: concert pieces and chamber music from different style periods.

At the end of the fourth year:
* final examination lasting 50 minutes:

1. Pieces
* one work for solo viola da gamba. Level of proficiency: Tobias Hume - Musicall Humours, Diego Ortiz - solo recercadas, Christopher Simpson - Solo Preludes, Demachy - Suites of the student's choice
* works for viola da gamba with accompaniment or obbligato harpsichord from various style periods: required: one sonata for viola da gamba and harpsichord by J.S. Bach (for instance Sonata in G, 1027). Level of proficiency: Chr. Simpson - Divisions on a ground of the student's choice, M. Marais - Pièces de violes of the student's choice

2. Chamber music
* consort music. Level of proficiency: Orlando Gibbons, Samuel Scheidt, etc
* ensemble music with obbligato gamba. Level of proficiency: G.P. Telemann - 'Parisian' Quartets, J.S. Bach - Arias from the cantatas or Passions

Admission requirements

Music from various stylistic periods, such as:
* two recercadas by D. Ortiz (solo and with accompaniment), or a canzona by G. Frescobaldi
* a prelude and/or division by Ch. Simpson, or a piece by T. Hume
* a sonata with basso continuo by G.Ph. Telemann, G.F. Händel or C.F. Abel
* M. Marais - movements from a suite, for example Ballet and Rondeau from Livre II Suite no. 1, or compositions of similar standard
* (movements from) a Bach sonata with obbligato harpsichord