Students are trained to be professional vocalists capable of functioning in any branch of the musical profession, both on the stage and in the studio. Therefore they learn to interpret and improvise in various jazz styles and in black music, rock, fusion, pop and Latin (Brazilian). All this is made possible by the vocal faculty's broad range of teachers, and guest teachers such as Kurt Elling, Peter Eldridge, Deborah Brown, Dianne Reeves, Nancy Marano (Manhattan School of Music), and Anne-Marie Speed.

Each student is taught by two principal teachers, for vocal-technical and artistic aspects respectively. The two teachers are jointly responsible for the end result. It is possible for vocal students to study with various teachers in the course of their four-year study. Candidates are requested to ascertain that the study will not present medical problems. Candidates will be selected beforehand by means of an audio or video recording to be sent in by the candidate.

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Co-ordinator: Sylvi Lane

study guide

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Sylvi Lane coordinator
Lydia van Dam  
Humphrey Campbell  
Lilian Vieira Brazilian
Sanna van Vliet improvisation
Jana De Busk English/American pronunciation
Eva Baggerman choirs
David Linx regular guest teacher

Lieve Geuens technique
Wiebe-Pier Cnossen technique 
Esther Kuiper technique 
Bodhi Sykora methodology


The first qualifying round
Candidates from abroad will be selected beforehand by means of a recording of three songs, to be sent in by the candidate. Two songs are to be chosen from the jazz-songlist: one jazz-swing and one jazz-ballad. The third song is the candidate's choice.
The accompaniment should be bass, drums and piano or guitar, but piano or guitar only will do. The recording doesn’t have to be made in a professional studio as long as the sound is clear enough to give a good impression of the performer.

On the basis of this recording candidates will be selected for the audition. It is not possible to correspond about the assessment of the recordings.

The candidates will prepare the following songs and a solo:
1. one jazz-swing
2. one jazz-ballad
3. one ong of the candidate’s own choice
4. one ong chosen from the technique- songlist
5. perform a transcribed improvisation/solo. This can be either a existing solo transcribed from the recording or self-written one.
One of the songs has to be chosen from the jazz-songlist; this must be another song than the ones you have sent for the qualifying round.

The audition committee chooses from this list at least three songs for the candidate to perform.

The conservatory will provide accompaniment by a trio of piano, drums and bass. Please bring charts of your songs, in the right key, for each instrumentalist.

At the end of the audition the candidate will be told if he/she may be admitted to the first year of the bachelor’s programme and will be put on the waiting list.