Bachelor Programme in Pop Music

Performance, production and coaching are the cornerstones of this diverse course of study at the higher professional education level (hbo), which thoroughly prepares the student for all facets of a career as an enterprising artist. A large team of specialists active in the professional world are brought in to supplement the set core of CvA teachers. In this way, the programme corresponds directly to the professional world, reflecting the latest developments in popular music and education.

Future pop artists trained at the CvA will be versatile: their studies will focus on performance, pedagogy (in preparation for a career as e.g. a band instructor) and creative endeavours (e.g. music producer) and will promote the open-mindedness of enterprising artists.

The duration of the study programme is four years; the lessons are given in Dutch. A wide selection of clinics and workshops supplements the regular curriculum. By emphasizing bands and projects and by giving students the opportunity to work with musicians from the professional world, the programme allows students to benefit immediately from current developments. A number of curriculum components make extensive use of the opportunities offered by the new media.
Students are expected to be open to new impressions, experiences, opinions and musical styles, to enjoy working with others, to learn and to try out new things, and not to be frightened of being influenced or of influencing others.

Throughout the course, students' development of their artistic, educational, organizational and business qualities will be assessed. Students will be evaluated on the basis of productions, performances and workshops.

A bachelor's diploma in music will be conferred on candidates who have successfully completed the programme.


The pop music programme is intended for guitarists, bass players, keyboard players, drummers and singers and is closely linked to the professional practice. In addition to the development of intrumental and theoretical skills, subjects such as bandcoaching, music production, studio engineering, songwriting, education and business matters form an essential part of the study programme.

Accreditation and degree

The bachelor's programme in Pop Music is a track within the Bachelor Music. The quality of this programme has been positively assessed by the Accreditation Organisation of the Netherlands and Flanders (NVAO). This means that upon successful completion of the programme students will receive an accredited bachelor's degree in Music and the title Bachelor Music. Only accreditated degree programmes are listed in the Dutch central register of higher education programmes (CROHO).

More information on accreditation and degrees

Programme details

Study load
240 EC

Study length
4 years, full-time

Language of instruction
Dutch and English

CROHO code
34739 (B Music)

Bachelor of Music


Jack Pisters + composition, methodology, coordinator
Marcel Singor + ensembles
Arnold van Dongen  
René van Barneveld + ensembles
Martijn van Agt

bass guitar
Manuel Hugas + ensembles
Arto Boyadjian + advanced, freestyle and style bands
Ivo Severijns + ensembles, methodology
Lené te Voortwis

Wiboud Burkens + ensembles
Nico Brandsen + ensembles
Joost van den Broek + arranging, methodology
Martin van den Oetelaar + programming, band coaching
Robin van Vliet

Oscar Kraal + ensembles
Erik Hoeke + ensembles
Ruben van Roon + ensembles, methodology

Monique Bakker 
Jolien Grünberg 
Bodhi Sykora 
Ricardo Burgrust  
Stanley Clementina

Attie Bauw studio technique, recording lab
Maurice Bom studio technique, recording lab
Bram Bol OSB, band rotation and band coaching, studio
Hans Weekhout
Pepijn Stutterheim

René Brijker DOK III, internships
Blanka Pesja art & literature, lyric lab
Kirsten Schneider harmony at the piano, theoretical subjects
Flip van der Enden music history
Eran Har Even
Christian Pabst
Jaimie van Hek
Claus Tofft
Jegor van Opdorp