Plan of Study Jazz master programme

Please fill out the undefinedplan of study form*. Since the plan of study serves as a basis for the master's degree programme as a whole, it is important that it is well-prepared from the start. Please submit the plan with your application form before the closing date for application.

CvA bachelor students who apply for the master programme should submit the study plan one month before the bachelor exam at the latest.

* Not required for candidates who apply for the master programmes in Composing for Film or Live Electronics.

The plan of study comprises the following compulsory elements:

I Principal study 60 credits (1680 hours)
II Ensembles 20 credits (560 hours)
III Research 10 credits (280 hours)
IV Electives 20 credits (560 hours)
V Individual credits 10 credits (280 hours)

A total of at least 120 credits are necessary for obtaining a graduate degree.


Ruud van Dijk Associate Director / Head of Jazz & Popular Music
Barbara Bleij Master Electives Coordinator
Bram Strijbis Principal and Subsidiary Subject Coordinator
David de Marez Oyens Ensembles Coordinator
Walter van de Leur Research Coordinator

foto: Toon Vieijra