Principal subject

Central to the study of the principal subject are the student's weekly individual lessons with the principal subject teacher(s). In the first year the student has two options:

* One teacher for all individual lessons
* Two teachers for all individual lessons: half of the lessons with the principal subject teacher, half of the lessons with another teacher

In the second year option 2 is extended with the possibility of taking half of the lessons with a guest teacher. In this case the student must apply ultimately three months before the start of the second year's course, i.e. the 1st of June preceding the second year's course, in consultation with his/her mentor.

After the first year the student will take an examination. Admittance to the second year will depend both on the level of playing and the artistic progress that has been made, and of an assessment of the progress in relation to the plan of study.

Technique as subsidiary subject or second instrument

The fields of study treated in these lessons will be related to the principal subject: vocal technique for voice candidates, flute or clarinet for saxophone candidates, double bass for bass guitar and vice versa, etc.


On a regular basis Artists in Residence will visit the school. With respect to active participation, the Artist-in-Residence program will focus on the master's degree students; participation is required and is considered a component of the principal subject. Individual lessons are part of the Artist-in-Residence programme.

foto's: Toon Vieijra