Students, teachers and staff members of the Amsterdam School of the Arts (AHK) have access to all six faculty libraries. Some of the libraries allow external users restricted access. For details, check the information of the separate libraries.


You can search the collections of the six faculty libraries either combined or separately.
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During the Christmas holidays (20-12-2014 till 04-01-2015) the library will be closed.

We are sorry to notice that the sending by e-mail of the notifications (=reminder that a library item should be returned within four days) is still failing. Therefore we have decided to put this service on hold.

The new acquisitions of August-October 2014 may be viewed here: August-October 2014

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mentioning "aanmelden aanwinstenlijst"

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The libraries of the AHK have signed several licence agreements with providers of specialized databases. Most of these are only accessible for students and staff members.
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