Tuition fees

Everyone who registers as a student or to take a course at the Amsterdam University of the Arts is obliged to pay tuition or course fees. The tuition fees vary, depending among other things on the programme or course you will be enrolling in, whether or not you are from a country within the European Economic Area (EEA) and whether or not you have previously obtained a degree at the same level you are registering for.

To determine the tuition fee that applies to your situation, you may use the wizard tuition fees.

Statutory fee

The statutory tuition fee, set by the Dutch government, is set at 2,006 for the academic year 2017-2018. You are entitled to the statutory fee if you:

  • have the nationality of a country within the European Economic Area (all EU countries, Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein); AND
  • have not previously obtained a Bachelor's degree after 31 August 1991 when registering for a Bachelor's programme or a Master's degree when registering for a Master's programme.

The exceptions, who are also eligible for the statutory tuition fee, are students with:

  • Swiss or Surinam nationality;
  • a previously obtained Bachelor's or Master's degree, registering for the first time in a programme in the field of education - provided the previously obtained degree was not in the field of health care or education;
  • a valid asylum residence permit for a fixed or indefinite period;
  • a valid permanent regular residence permit;
  • a valid temporary regular residence permit on the basis of family reunification, family formation, partnership (only provided that the family member/partner is an EU citizen living in the Netherlands);
  • a valid residence permit for the Netherlands in combination with a valid residence permit for an indefinite period from another EU country;
  • a residence permit via the special regulation 2007 (the general pardon);
  • a residence document ‘Permanent residence Citizens of the Union’.

A residence document for the purpose of study or as highly skilled migrant does not qualify to pay the statutory tuition fee.

Students must send a supporting document confirming their residency status to the Central Student Administration in order to be considered for payment of the statutory tuition fee (in the case of partnership/family formation/family reunification with an EU citizen living in the Netherlands, a copy of the ID card of the partner/the family member is also necessary).

Institutional fees

If you are not entitled to the statutory fee, you have to pay the institutional fee. The institutional fees are set annually by the Amsterdam University of the Arts.

The fees apply to part-time study programmes, non-government-funded study programmes to students from outside the EEA and to students who previously obtained a Bachelor's degree (when enrolling in a Bachelor's programme) or a Master's degree (when enrolling in a Master's programme).

Study form Study programme Institutional fee
Bachelor fulltime Music, Music in Education, Dance, Dance in Education, Theatre, Theatre in Education, Cultural heritage, Film and Television € 4,875
Bachelor parttime influx programme Fine Art in Education € 7,950
Master fulltime Music, Choreography, Opera, Theatre, Film € 4,875
Master parttime Education in Arts € 4,300
Master parttime Architecture, Urbanism, Landscape Architecture € 7,950
Master not funded by government Museology € 10,600

Other rates

Please note: the tuition fees mentioned below apply to the academic year 2016-2017. The amounts for 2017-2018 will be published on this website soon.

Preparatory courses
- preparatory courses Bachelor of Music (classical music and jazz): € 1,200
- preparatory course Master of Music: € 3,000
- Sweelinck Academy and Junior Jazz College: € 1,200
- Sweelinck Academy Percussion Friends: € 1,500
- preparatory course National Ballet Academy: € 1,100
- preparatory dance course (Academy of Theatre and Dance): Junior € 550, Teen € 825, Peer € 925
- preparatory courses in Architecture, Urbanism and Landscape Architecture: € 950

Postgraduate courses
- Beroepskunstenaars in de klas: € 2.750
- Musicians for Music Education: € 3.250

Examination fees
- external students: € 900

Loan tuition fees

EU/EEA students who are not entitled to full study grants (in Dutch: studiefinanciering) for a Dutch course in higher education can apply for a loan to pay their tuition fees. This loan is known as loan tuition fees (in Dutch: collegegeldkrediet) and is paid monthly. You repay the sum you borrowed after your study.

For more information and application forms, you can contact the
undefinedstudent counsellor or the undefinedDUO website.