About the academy


The Netherlands Film Academy is one of the leading international schools for professional training in film and quality television. The Academy offers a 4-year, fulltime BA in eight fields of specialization:

  • Directing (fiction or documentary)
  • Camera/light
  • Sound design
  • Scriptwriting
  • Production design
  • Editing
  • Interactive multimedia / visual effects
  • Producing

During their time with us, students of the BA course specialize in one of the aforementioned fields. The academy┬┤s goal is to give its students a profound understanding of film and television. In that sense, theory and practice and the development and production of a film are given equal emphasis, although this shifts during the study. The first year comprises mainly theory and minor exercises, while the entire fourth year is devoted to making the final film.

As of 2009, the Film Academy also offers a master's programme in Film, fully taught in English.

In co-operation with the Conservatorium van Amsterdam, the Film Academy also offers a two-year Master Composing for Film.