Master of Film

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The 2-year international MA programme at the Netherlands Film Academy in Amsterdam gives you the time, space and support to develop your creative voice by undertaking artistic research.

Artistic research in and through film
Claire Denis, Francis Ford Coppola, Steve McQueen, Miranda July.... they all created their work by constant exploration, by pushing the boundaries of themselves, their subject matter and their artistic medium. The MA programme ‘Artistic Research in Film’ allows you to do the same.

Unique programme
The 'Artistic Research in Film' programme is unique in its kind, both in the Netherlands and abroad. Our participants and tutors come from all over the world and from a variety of artistic and professional backgrounds. We invite no more than ten participants a year, so it’s highly selective. The program is custom made so you will design your own research trajectory and have your own mentor. Your research can be conceptual, technical or both. You will have a lot of freedom to experiment and a budget to do so. In all, it is an intense and challenging experience… professionally, artistically and intellectually.

Who can apply?
The MA programme is a certified course, taught in English, open to all professionals with a bachelor degree in (all sub-disciplines of) film, visual arts, digital media or performing arts, with at least three or four years of experience in their field and with an interesting research topic and a related project idea.

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Application deadline: 
Friday 12 January 2018 (for the course that will start September 2018)
The deadline to apply for the MA programme (start September 2017) has passed. 

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