Master of Film

Emilio Reyes Bassail Paniagua

Personal Info

Emilio Reyes Bassail (Mexico City, 1987).

Emilio is a filmmaker and sound artist. His work, always intersected by the threads of History, memory and narrative, comprises of experimental video, radio art pieces, sound installations, illustration, photography and film. 

His career started as a radio producer in public radio and as an editor in the independent art magazine Bustrófedon. From there on, he started working as a film editor and director for independent films, online series and advertising.

Parallel to his work as a filmmaker, Emilio is a composer and has scored the music for more than a dozen films..

Previous education

  • Bachelor in Communications with specialization in Film. Universidad Iberoamericana, 2012.



Other projects

Selected works
- 'Infinite Saudades' (documentary, Commonwealth Broadcasting Association, 2013)
- 'Aspirins for Peace' (video art piece, commissioned by the Archivo de Diseño y Arquitectura for the exhibition 'Happiness is a warm (and cold) sponge', 2012)
- 'Atlas' (documentary, Universidad Iberoamericana, 2012)
- 'Vodoo Suite' (sound installation for the Antique Toy Museum in Mexico City, 2011)
- 'Reverse Shot for the Collossus' (video art piece for the Cologne Off Fest, 2010)

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