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Emilio Reyes Bassail Paniagua

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Emilio Reyes-Bassail (Mexico, 1987) is a filmmaker and sound artist. His work revolves around the questions of memory, time, history and narrative.

From 2011 to 2013 he was the head of the Radio Production Workshop at the Artistic Liaison Unit of Tlatelolco (UVA/CCUT/UNAM) and the chief producer of Radio Tlatelolco, a communitarian radio station that sought to preserve the oral traditions, collective memories and historic soundscapes of the Tlatelolco Unit in Mexico City.

In 2013 he directed the documentary 'Infinite Saudades', an intimate documentary that explores the limits between fiction and reality within the narrative exercise of memory. The documentary was produced by the Commonwealth Broadcasting Association as a part of the Worldview UK season of documentaries about food.

In 2012 he directs the documentary 'Atlas' about the contemporary status of bodies in Mexican culture. The film is a reflection on the identity and construction of individual and social bodies in regard to the state of violence, revisionism and crisis that the celebrations for the 100th anniversary of Mexican Revolution produced on Mexican culture.

As a musician, Emilio has scored the soundtrack for dozens of documentaries, fictions, tv shows, radio pieces and advertisements.

His work has been showcased at festivals like the Guadalajara International Film Festival, FICUNAM, DOCSDF, Kansk IFF Siberia, Metahouse Phom Penh, Cologne OFF, Bogota Shorts, and at art spaces like the MUAC, MUJAM, ADA and the Aferro Gallery in New Jersey.

Previous education
BA in Communications with specialisation in Film (Universidad Iberoamericana)

Other projects

Selected works
- 'Infinite Saudades' (documentary, Commonwealth Broadcasting Association, 2013)
- 'Aspirins for Peace' (video art piece, commissioned by the Archivo de DiseƱo y Arquitectura for the exhibition 'Happiness is a warm (and cold) sponge', 2012)
- 'Atlas' (documentary, Universidad Iberoamericana, 2012)
- 'Vodoo Suite' (sound installation for the Antique Toy Museum in Mexico City, 2011)
- 'Reverse Shot for the Collossus' (video art piece for the Cologne Off Fest, 2010)

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Emilio Reyes Bassail Paniagua

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