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Gustavo Lorgia Garnica

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Gustavo Lorgia (1988) is a Colombian film director and scriptwriter.

He conceives film as one of the main results of modernity, and understands modernity as the other face of colonialization. This way, the language of film has historically evolved according to the Western paradigms of thinking and its artistic canons. He believes in a aesthetical revolution that may invert this hierarchical domains of audiovisual culture, and he wants his research project to be part of it.

His work has been exhibited at international circuits such as Utah Film Festival (USA), Dança em foco - International Festival of Video and Dance (Brasil), Underground Transterritorial Film Festival (Argentina) and Jeffrey's Underground cinemas (The Netherlands).

Previous education
BA Communication (Pontificia Universidad Javeriana, Colombia)

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Gustavo Lorgia Garnica

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