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The Master’s Degree Programme in Film offers time, space and a context in which talented professionals can develop themselves and their projects through a process of research, experimentation and exchange. The setting is international and diverse – because of the variety of backgrounds and expertise of both participants and lecturers - and demands that the participants, or researchers as we call them, are capable of steering their own development and progress. The study programme offers the tools, the guidance and the inspiration to undertake and articulate that journey of development. 

The programme consists of five elements: 

-    seminars and workshops relating to the different aspects involved in artistic research (using the researchers’ own research questions as a starting point); 
-    one-on-one sessions with the mentor
-    feedback and exchange between participants
-    additional lectures by (inter)national filmmakers, artists and theoreticians; 
-    and last but not least: individual work on both research and project

Artistic research emphasizes the connection between research and project development: the idea for a project gives rise to questions that need to be researched, while the answers to those research questions feed back into the project. Or vice-versa. Throughout the two years of their study, participating researchers will therefore work simultaneously on both their research and the development of their project. They will graduate with a publication of the process and outcome of their research as well as with a presentation of their project. This project presentation can also take the form of a project proposal, developed to such detail that it can be produced after graduation. 


Guidance is provided through the mentoring system, in which each participating researcher is assigned a personal mentor or tutor for the duration of the course, while in the second year of the study the student will also choose one or more external advisors to coach his research and / or his project. The school provides financial and technical facilities for the development of both research and project, within the framework and goals of the course.

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Teaching and Examination Regulations (August 2017)
Study guide (2016-2017)

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