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Studying at the Amsterdam University of the Arts

Anyone can imagine the role of the actor, the director, the cameraman, the musician or the dancer. You can enrol in undefineddegree programmes of the highest quality for all these professions at the Amsterdam University of the Arts (AHK).

But do you also know what kind of study programme a stagehand did, or how you become a set designer or costumer designer? Who takes care of the planning, the finances and the marketing of a play or a film production? Did you know that the Conservatorium van Amsterdam also offers a Pop Music degree programme, in which you also learn everything about how to market music? Have you ever considered how essential the effect of sound in films can be, not only for the atmosphere but also for the narrative of a story? And have you ever asked yourself what is actually involved in the preservation of cultural heritage?

Open dagen

Professionals are needed for all these aspects of art and culture, who play an indispensable role in the creation of the final product. In addition to more well-known degree programmes, you can also go to the Amsterdam University of the Arts for specialised studies that train people for all these positions behind the scenes. Because the AHK unites all this expertise within its walls, you will already come into contact with all roles that are important in your field during your study. Surprising collaborations with other disciplines may also arise, such as those between students of architecture, scenography and the dance in the project undefined‘(un)framed’. These types of innovative initiatives are there for the taking in the inspiring environment of the Amsterdam city centre.

Do you have a passion for art? In that case, you could also consider passing this on to others by choosing to do one of the undefinedteacher training programmes of the AHK. Did you know that many art teachers also continue to work as artists alongside their teaching job? And that they often, in fact, gain extra inspiration from their work in schools, community centres, museums and orchestras?

Come to the AHK undefinedopen days and discover the role that suits you best.

Open days

  • Open Doors DAS Graduate School
    10 Nov 2017
  • Open Day National Ballet Academy
    11 Nov 2017
  • Open day Master of Museology
    22 Nov 2017
  • Open Day Academy of Theatre and Dance
    27 Jan 2018
  • Open day Reinwardt Academy
    3 Feb 2018
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