For internship institutions

The Reinwardt Academy collaborates with both large, well known museums and organizations as well as many smaller, specialized heritage institutions or companies affiliated with the heritage sector.

Second-year internship

We chose an integrated approach of work and study for the second-year internship. The student receives assignments in the field of visitor studies, organizational science and heritage theory, parallel to working for an institute. This makes the student view the professional practice from an experienced angle. The student carries out an approximate of 30 hours a week in activities for your organization and approximately ten are spend on assignments from the academy.

Final internship and thesis

The final year consists of an internship, combined with a thesis. The emphasis of the dissertation lies on methodical approach of a societal relevant issue in the field of heritage. The final internship concerns in putting acquired knowledge and skills into practice. It consists of one project or two subprojects within a specific expertise.

Assignment, project or internship?

Does your organization offer an interesting project or relevant assignment for the students of the Reinwardt Academy? Please contact the academy’s internships office at rwa-stagebureau[EMAIL BESCHERMD]@[EMAIL BESCHERMD] It is of importance to compile the work activities as a vacancy text so all involved parties are clear on what the student’s internship tasks will be. Please send us your vacancy text by using the vacancy-form. The vacancies can also be offered through the Reinwardt Community. You have to be logged in to perform this task.


E undefinedrwa-stagebureau[EMAIL BESCHERMD]@[EMAIL BESCHERMD]

  • Gerdie Borghuis, Coordinator Graduation & Collaboration Projects
  • Mirjam Wijnands, Coordinator internships office



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