The academy

At the Reinwardt Academy, part of the Amsterdam University of the Arts, you can pursue a Bachelor's degree in Cultural Heritage or study for the Master's degree in Museology (taught in English). The bachelor's programme is a 4-year course and is the only bachelor’s course in the Netherlands and Europe that focuses on cultural heritage. The Master of Museology is intended for students who are planning on, or working in, policy-making positions in the international work field of museums and cultural heritage.

Knowledge and the work field
A degree in cultural heritage gives graduates a solid grounding in practical, theoretical and ethical aspects of the discipline, and their (sustainable) interconnections. The programme also offers insights into social issues and international developments, providing graduates with a broad range of expertise to fulfill organizational and management positions within the sector.

In addition to training highly qualified professionals, the Reinwardt Academy contributes to national and international knowledge production and dissemination, to forming opinions and images, and research and social development. As part of these activities, the Academy organizes the Heritage Arena debates, the annual Reinwardt Memorial Lecture, on-the-job training and symposia.

The academy comprises around 650 students, 50 members of staff and numerous guest lecturers. If you decide to study at the Reinwardt Academy, you will be surrounded by people who share your passion for culture, heritage and history.