Artist in Residence

An Artist in Residence inspires students and teachers at the Amsterdam University of the Arts by confronting them with topical developments and issues from the arts practice. Innovation and connection are the main focus of these tailor-made AIR programmes, as well as the international and multidisciplinary context.

The research group provides active support to faculties and individual departments in the realisation of their Artist in Residence programmes. Combining our energies, embryonic ideas mature into substantive plans, a tailored organisation and ultimately a fully fledged co production. The format of the programme is flexible, and it is accessible faculty­ wide – at those locations and moments that call for it. Imagine, your school as a home for international artists....

Results of the AIR programme are published by ON AIR.

present guests

Adelheid Roosen
Academy for Theatre and Dance
Jeroen Musch
Academy of Architecture
Jyoti Mistry
Netherlands Filmacademy

On Air

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