Elective courses

At the Amsterdam University of the Arts it is possible to take elective courses (keuzevakken) in areas where different artistic disciplines meet. The AHK Elective courses offer all students the opportunity to broaden their insight and knowledge in areas that are covered only briefly, if at all, in the course proper. So whether you are studying theatre technology, textiles or the trombone, museum studies, music, montage or modern dance, all AHK students can benefit from what is offered during their course.

A number of subjects are also taught in English and hence open to AHK students from abroad.
International students who want to follow an elective course given in Dutch are asked to consult the teacher concerned beforehand.

Why an elective course?
Typical of the AHK courses is the focus on themes that overstep disciplinary boundaries, new developments in art and culture, experiment and innovation, communication and research. In addition, reinforcing the professional attitude as a performing, teaching or creative artist forms an important part.

AHK Elective courses differ from elective courses offered within your course proper because of the possibility of meeting fellow students from other disciplines. That exchange provides you with new insights and creates opportunities for interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary cooperation both during and after the completion of your course.

Free study component
Most of the elective courses can be followed within the framework of the free study component within your course programme. You should consult the study guide on this. You can follow most elective courses in the evening so that you do not have to miss any other classes. Taking an elective course  does, however, require a measure of organisational talent because you have to fit in the study hours indicated within your programme.

Types of class

The elective courses take place in the form of lectures, workshops, practical lessons or projects/productions. They are given by enthusiastic tutors who teach at the AHK or by guest tutors who find it a challenge to work with students from different disciplines. It is their intention to find a point of contact with the knowledge that you contribute and to jointly search for links and cross-overs.

Admission and credits

Usually no specific prior knowledge is required, but motivation, an active, inquisitive attitude, as well as the readiness to study on your own and to do exercises outside the classes are a prerequisite. To achieve a satisfactory for the elective course and to be eligible for the conferral of credits by your course, you must have attended at least 80% and have obtained a good final result.

In the case of certain elective courses, students from other schools (of the arts) are also welcome under certain conditions. They can apply by e-mail and are admitted if there are enough places.