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Every other Wednesday night the Master’s department of the Film Academy invites guests to come and give a lecture. Speakers can be film makers, visual artists, composers but also philosophers, scientists or film theoreticians. The aim is simple: to broaden our horizon and to get inspired by a diversity of approaches and perspectives.

The lectures are free and open to all who are interested. For most lectures a reservation won't be necessary, but if you want to be sure to have a seat: please use the online RSVP form.

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Programme fall/winter 2014

1 October 2014

ABOVE US ALL – the meaning of the moment | Eugenie Jansen, Albert Elings and Michel Schöpping

The making of 'Above Us All'

The human being is a story telling animal. On the one hand we tell stories to comfort ourselves when we have to deal with traumatic experiences. On the other we try to make a story out of our life to give it meaning. ABOVE US ALL is a fiction film about the stories we tell to deal with loss. Personal loss, but also collective traumatic events like wars. The film was shot in Australia and in Belgium with a non-professional cast and it investigates a different form of narration. 
The spectator is placed in the centre of the perspective; the camera is turning around in circles of 360 degrees and the film was shot in 3D. Time and space are not manipulated. The film aims to be “in the very moment”. In the moment that the story doesn’t yet exist. The story is what we make of it, later on. And afterwards, we delete all the ingredients that don’t contribute to that (specific) story. ABOVE US ALL gives the spectator the experience of 53 moments in time in which we encounter our main characters; their tribulations, believes and thoughts, without the filter of the story.

ABOVE US ALL premiered at the Berlin Film Festival 2014 and can now be seen in the Dutch theatres. An English subtitled version of ABOVE US ALL will be screening at undefinedEYE on Sunday evening 28 September and at the undefinedNetherlands Film Festival in Utrecht on Monday 29 September at 21:00.

This lecture will consist of three parts:
Albert Elings
(coach) will focus on the different possible perspectives one can take when seeing this project as a research vehicle, both from a contextual point of view and from the point of view of the content.
Eugenie Jansen
(director) will explain the practical consequences of the starting points during the process of the filmmaking. For example: how to combine a conceptual and rigid form with the wish to allow (documentary) coincidence to play an important role, while also using the strength of the non-professional actors?
Michel Schöpping (sound design) will share his experiences on how the 3D space of sound relates to the 3D space of image. What possibilities does the rotating camera create that can be used by sound design? What kind of choices can be made and what is the difference in the kind of impact?

Albert Elings and Eugenie Jansen graduated at the Dutch Film Academy in 1991, and worked together on documentary projects such as 'Foreland' (2005), 'The Royal Wedding Tapes' (2002) and 'Bitter Harvest' (2010), and two fiction projects: 'Tussenland' (2002; Tiger Award IFFR 2002) and 'Calimucho' (2008).
Michel Schöpping is a widely acclaimed sound designer, who has worked on international film productions like 'The Broken Circle Breakdown' (2013), 'KID' (2013), 'Altiplano' (2009) en 'Vivan las Antipodas' (2011).

15 October 2014

Making sense, three times over | Urszula Antoniak

Urszula Antoniak

Directing as making sense in three stages: writing, filming and editing illustrated by fragments of screenplays and films of Urszula, including her last, yet unfinished film.

Urszula Antoniak is a Polish-Dutch film director. She graduated from the Katowice Film School and the Netherlands Film Academy. Her debut 'Nothing Personal' (2009) won the Leopard Award for Best Feature Film in Locarno and four Golden Calves at the Nederlands Filmfestival. Her second feature 'Code Blue' (2011) was in the Quinzaine des Realisateurs selection at the Cannes Film Festival.

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Programme fall/winter 2014

Wednesday 1 October 2014
ABOVE US ALL – the meaning of the moment
Eugenie Jansen, Albert Elings and Michel Schöpping

Wednesday 15 October 2014
Making sense, three times over
Urszula Antoniak

Wednesday 29 October 2014
programme to be announced

Wednesday 12 November 2014
Johan Grimonprez

Wednesday 26 November 2014
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Wednesday 10 December 2014
Lessons in Realism ('Episode of the Sea')
Lonnie van Brummelen

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