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The Master of Film lecture series

Every other Wednesday night the Master’s department of the Film Academy invites guests to come and give a lecture. Speakers can be film makers, visual artists, composers but also philosophers, scientists or film theoreticians. The aim is simple: to broaden our horizon and to get inspired by a diversity of approaches and perspectives.

The lectures are free and open to all who are interested. For most lectures a reservation won't be necessary, but if you want to be sure to have a seat: please use the online RSVP form.

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Programme winter/spring 2015

21 January 2015

The audience knows it all - film viewer competence | Ed Tan

There are three ways to become a film expert. One is learn how to make films, another is to study film history, theory or critical analysis. The third way is less known but ubiquitous. Regular viewers learn naturally about film in the course of their lives. Their mostly tacit knowledge of the medium has been distilled from thousands of hours of viewing and acquires tacit knowledge of the medium. In this lecture I present film psychological-studies capturing cinematic competence shared by film viewers as an audience, more specifically genre knowledge. We will discuss whether, how and why film-makers address shared viewers’ competence.

Ed Tan is a psychologist of film and media and has carried out research at theatre, film and television departments in the Netherlands. He is currently professor of Media Entertainment at the Communication Department of the University of Amsterdam. His current interests include film and emotion; gaming for health and models of cinematic communication. He is a fan of interdisciplinary research involving film scholars, media psychologists, computer scientists, neuroscientists and film designers.

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prof. dr. E.S.H. Tan - UvA profile
Ed Tan | Storycenter

4 February 2015

Space-Time Narratives | Ludger Pfanz

Over the coming decades new technologies will change our lives and the way in which we perceive them beyond our imagination. But most new technologies like 3D are not offset by adequate content. In most cases, 2D stories had been combined with 3D effects – that is comparable to provide a silent movie with an audio track.

My lecture is based on three hypotheses: Firstly, this new technology can only achieve authenticity if the room (topos) is offered importance (meaning) in the script and project development already. Secondly, in stereoscopy one can no longer work with images (frames), for the technology requires a thinking in stages. In addition, besides the construction of suspense or tension in time we also have to consider the tension of space – such as the vertical, horizontal and parallax tension.
In addition to current productions and trends of stereoscopic, multiscopic and autostereosopic films in cinema and television the lecture will focus on new narrative forms, of “space-time narrations” and the quantum theory of digital dreams.

Ludger Pfanz was born in Schopfloch, Germany, in 1958. After studying theater and literary theory at the Free University of Berlin, he completed the degree course in filmmaking at the Academy of Fine Arts in Hamburg with honors. He has been an instructor and head of the studios at the University of Arts and Design at the ZKM Karlsruhe since 1997, as well as the spokesman of the Media Arts faculty since 2002. In 2010 he founded the “Expanded 3 Digital Cinema Lab” at the University of Arts and Design at the ZKM Karlsruhe. He graduated from the EAVE continuing education program for European producers in 2002. Pflanz is Founder and Head of the “3D Alliance Karlsruhe”, the European program “Parallax” and international 3D Consortium and the international festival BEYOND. Ludger Pfanz works as a producer, director and author.

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Expected later in 2015

Guerilla filmmaking in South-East Asian cinema | Lorna Tee

Lorna Tee will speak about guerilla filmmaking in South-East Asian cinema (and the lessons we westerners could learn from that).

About Lorna Tee:
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The self-licking ice cream syndrome | Johan Grimonprez

More information on the programme will follow soon

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Date & time:
Every other Wednesday night,
19:30-21:30 hrs.

Film Academy cinema

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Programme winter/spring 2015

Wednesday 21 January 2015
The audience knows it all - film viewer competence
Ed Tan

Wednesday 4 February 2015
Space-Time Narratives
Ludger Pfanz

Expected in 2015:
Pascal Gielen and Nina Jan
Paul and Menno de Nooijer
Keith Cunningham
Lorna Tee
Johan Grimonprez

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