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Once every three weeks on Wednesday night the Master’s department of the Film Academy invites guests to come and give a lecture. Speakers can be film makers, visual artists, composers but also philosophers, scientists or film theoreticians. The aim is simple: to broaden our horizon and to get inspired by a diversity of approaches and perspectives.

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Programme season 2015/2016

TUESDAY 9 February 2016

Archival footage and narrative assemblage in film projects | Agnese Cornelio and Magdalena Szymków

Still from 'Free to Work' by Agnese Cornelio

How to illustrate memory? How to present thoughts in film? Agnese Cornelio and Magdalena Szymków invoke pictures of the past in their film projects. During the lecture both filmmakers will present their recent work-in-progress projects and explore the use of archives in documentary, fiction and cross-media forms. They will revisit the definition of found footage on the basis of their experience with the films they are currently working on.

Free to Work by Agnese Cornelio is a cross media archival project about memories of Italian workers who moved to the Netherlands over the last 60 years.
In a grey room workers re-enact their past working life: they reconstruct physical tasks, interacting with objects, gestures and work situations - all inscribed in their physical memory. They unfold their past experiences, drawing from their bodily archive.
As some of their gestures and the objects they use have already disappeared, their re-enactment also questions the essence of the moment at which immaterial labour entered the industrial working system - thus transforming the representation of work from a primarily physical performance into a cognitive, immaterial act.
‘Free to Work’ combines these recordings with found footage material in order to map transitional moments during which the representation of a society changes, because the fundamental nature of work has changed.

Reporter by Magdalena Szymków is a cinematic found footage portrait of a writer and reporter. It explores the life of Ryszard Kapuściński, an icon of journalism and non-fiction literature.
The film is a visual collage of images covering Kapuściński’s journalistic assignments of Africa, South America, Iran, Poland and the collapsing Soviet Union.
The found footage collage follows the decades and their film techniques, formats and grains. The archives guide the film from the sixties until the present day with 8mm home movies, as well 16 mm, VHS footage and contemporary images.
Archival materials permit the spectator to get immersed into the atmosphere and context of each period. They let us comprehend the background of Kapuściński’s work, and the factors of his choices and understandings. The film becomes a cinematic essay on the writer’s creative process, his struggles and accomplishments.

Agnese Cornelio is a theatre and filmmaker. She was trained as theatre director at the National Academy of dramatic art in Rome and at the A Pass-training in performance studies in Antwerp. She works as a theatre director in Germany and Italy, realising documentary theatre and contemporary plays. Her performances were shown at different international venues and film festivals. for international theatres. The cross media project free to work, developed within the frame of the Master of Film at the Netherlands film Academy, was awarded with the AHK Graduation Prize 2014.

Magdalena Szymków is a Polish documentary filmmaker with a journalistic background, graduated from Wajda School in Warsaw, co-founder of production company Vezfilm (UK). She is the editor of the blog dedicated to found footage films

Both filmmakers received a 3Pacakage Deal grant (2014/15) from the Amsterdam Fund for the Arts (AFK) that is supported by EYE, IDFA, the Binger Filmlab and the Netherlands Film Academy.

2 March 2016

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23 March 2016

Jyoti Mistry

Filmmaker Jyoti Mistry is the current Artist in Residence at the Master of Film. Having completed her doctorate at NYU, she is an Associate Professor at the University of the Witwatersrand in Johannesburg, South-Africa. She teaches writing for experimental film and documentary.

13 April 2016

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3 May 2016

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18 May 2016

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8 June 2016

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