RTRSRCH vol 4 no 1: Hospitality is not a home

Geplaatst op: vrijdag 6 juli 2012

Hospitality is not a home, a RTRSRCH publication, put together by guest editor and novelist Maya Rasker with nine students of the Master of Film of the Dutch Film and Television Academy.  Over a period of six months the students engaged with the challenge of relating their research questions to the theme of hospitality.

The nine students are Yael Assaf, Bogomir Doringer, Igor Kramer, Joep Kuijper, Claire van der Poel, Kay Schuttel, Sonja Wyss, Taatske Pieterson and Sam Yazdanpanna Ardekani. Maya Rasker is a guest lecturer at the Film Academy.
A quotation: “ …The dormant volcano is yours to discover. Place your shoes on the doorstep. And look.”
The presentation takes place on Friday 13 July at 16.30h in EYE (IJ Promenade 1), and is part of the Below Sea Level Graduation Show of the Master of Film.

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