Admission & application

Minimum admission requirements

  • university degree (Bachelor or postgraduate) in any field;
  • (Bachelor's) degree from a university of applied science or school of the arts (Dutch 'hbo' level);
  • fluency in English (written and oral): an equivalent of IELTS 6.5;
  • meeting the financial requirements of the programme;
  • meeting the assessment procedure.

Candidates who haven’t graduated, may be admitted, provided they have demonstrable knowledge of and experience in the museum field for at least 5 years. All applicants meeting the requirements mentioned above are assessed by an admissions committee.


To apply to the Reinwardt Academy for the Master of Museology, please submit the enrolment form. The deadline for application is 1 June 2017. Applications after this date will only be considered if the maximum number of students has not been reached.


To enter the course you are required to complete an assessment process. With the formation of the student body, we aim to compose a dynamic group with people from various countries and backgrounds.

  • You have to write an essay in which you explain your thoughts about the museum and heritage field in your country (or region). It should contain a description of how you envisage your participation in this field and contributing to its development.
  • You have to illustrate how studying Museology could contribute to achieving your goals.
  • Additionally an interview (also possible through internet) is part of the procedure.


If you have any questions, need advice or help on completing the application, please contact the programme coordinator at

Flexible programme

The modular structure makes flexible access for part-time students or museum professionals who wish to attend a single module. You are required to complete a minimum of 2 modules per year and individual modules can be followed by special arrangement. For such an arrangement, please contact the programme coordinator at master-museology[EMAIL BESCHERMD]@[EMAIL BESCHERMD] You can check the fee of each module on Tuition fees.