The programme is set up to enable current and future museum professionals to develop the competencies to play an active role in anticipating and responding to new developments in the professional field. The academic development is closely connected with current developments in the heritage and museum field.

The use of the term museology, rather than museum studies, is not only a reference to an academic foundation but is also intended to stress the fact that the focus is not on institutional frameworks.


The Master of Museology consists of 7 modules. Afterwards all students have to fulfill a museum internship. The programme will be completed with a thesis as a result of a research project. Theoretical museology is the leitmotiv throughout the programme.

Course Book

Accreditation & degree

The Master of Museology has been visited and positively assessed by a commission of experts who studied the critical reflection, theses and discussions with stakeholders of the programme. Based on this inspection, the Dutch-Flemish Accreditation Organization (NVAO) accredited the master till 2021. Upon successful completion of the programme, students receive a legally accredited master's degree in Museology and the title Master Arts (MA). Only accreditated degree programmes are listed in the Dutch central register of higher education programmes (CROHO). More information on accreditation and degrees.