Driemaal 'excellent' voor DasArts Master of Theatre

Een internationaal panel van experts heeft DasArts, de Master of Theatre van de Theaterschool (AHK), over de hele linie (visie, leeromgeving, beoogde en gerealiseerde eindkwalificaties) als excellent beoordeeld. Volgens het panel is DasArts zowel nationaal als internationaal voorbeeldstellend vanwege haar uitdagende, innovatieve en originele onderwijsomgeving. De opleiding levert gepassioneerde en vernieuwende theatermakers af die wereldwijd erkenning vinden.

DasArts Block 2014 'Talking with Places'

This fall, the DasArts Block ‘Talking with Places’ will take place at DasArts between the 15th of September and 21 November 2014. The mentor of this block will be Chris Keulemans, together with co-mentor Willemijn Lamp.

Giving Shape to the Ephemeral

"It is incredibly beautiful when the conditions are created for people to open up. For me it results in a totally different quality of interaction and artistic work. I think this is one of the greatest achievements of this contextual. I see it in the others, and I can also see it within myself." Mladen Alexiev on the 2014 Contextual.

Dutch articles magazine 'Every Nerve'

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Early Bird assitance: Application to DasArts 2015 is possible from now on!

Application to DasArts - Master of Theatre 2015 is possible from now on! Interested candidates can get early bird assistance.

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