About DasArts

DasArts is a master’s degree course within the Theatre School of the Amsterdam University of the Arts. The programme is based on eighteen years of experience as an educational, production-based and research-orientated hybrid. Our two-year, question based, residential master’s programme functions as a laboratory and aims to improve the artistic competences of its international students.

Artists studying at DasArts define both their goals and the research methods they plan to adopt. Although the focus is placed on individual development, our main educational strategies are derived from the learning potential of encounters: significant collisions with peers, guest teachers and staff and the fostering of professional intimacy. In other words, the degree to which you are able to provide insights into your working processes to a group of colleagues and/or an audience (often comprised of professionals).

Master of Theatre

DasArts is an acknowledged master of theatre. Theatre is the backdrop: its history and conventions, the traditions and the avant-garde spirit. Performance is part of this legacy. Since this lively contemporary international scene of practitioners and theoreticians creates a cross-cultural critical environment, DasArts consciously brings it into its program: via guest teachers, advisors or mentors, the students themselves, or the books housed in the library.

The master study programmes DasArts and Master of Choreography and the Performing Arts in Transition research group of de Theaterschool have moved to new premises at the former Shell Grootlab in Amsterdam Noord. This striking building is located on the banks of the IJ opposite Amsterdam’s central station.
Address: Overhoeksplein 2, 1031 KS Amsterdam.

DasArts magazine

What is DasArts? by Jochen Stechmann

Every year DasArts asks an alumnus to make a clip about DasArts and its study programme.

DasArts Fast Forward - by Camilla Milena Feher

Every year DasArts asks an alumnus to make a clip about DasArts and its study programme.