Composers' Festival (online)

Monday 25 May 2020, 20:00 - 21:00 uur

COMPOSERS' FESTIVAL is the graduation platform of the composition students of the Conservatorium van Amsterdam. This year it went online to be able to reach you all. Chamber and electronic music, interactive and collective pieces, compositions and video art, are all put together in five streamed episodes aired between 19 and 31 May. After each episode you are all invited to the After Party for Q&As with the composers, DJ sets and much more.

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(after the programma you are invited to the online afterparty, more information on the website)


Programma / Programme

#1 Tue 19/5 @ 20:00
Knitting (audiovisual collaboration) - Alberto Granados Reguilón, Chonglian Yu, Paul Maurice Dekker, Jasmine Karimova, Pedro Lobo
Crime and Punishment (string quartet) - Andrea Guterres
diepvriesfruit (band) - Frieda Gustavs

#2 Fri 22/5 @ 20:00
Delighted Twirl (hyperorgan) - Pol Requesens Roca
Slime (solo piano) - Paul Maurice Dekker
Lamentatie voor tijden die eens waren (string quartet) - Melle Heij
+ SPACE (live interactive installation) - Chonglian Yu

#3 Mon 25/5 @ 20:00
Spiegelgasse (ballet) - Frieda Gustavs
Criticism on the Banalization of Language (electroacoustic) - Pol Requesens Roca
S P EA KING (solo doublebass) - Chonglian Yu
Ghost Train (hyperorgan) - Andrea Guterres

#4 Thu 28/5 @ 20:00
Through the Looking Glass (video art) - Andrea Guterres, Octave Rimbert, Pablo Réol, Viola Blache
Story of Notes and Sound (electronic) - Paul Maurice Dekker
Ear-Wash (electronic theatre piece) - Alberto Granados Reguilón

#5 Sun 31/5 @ 20:00
Canvas (audiovisual collaboration) - Frieda Gustavs, Andrea Guterres, Francisca Martins, Dimitri Geelhoed, Octave Rimbert
Heart + Blood (solo piano) - Paul Maurice Dekker
Blazing Sunrise in the Blackest of Night (electronics) - Melle Heij 
House Walk (interactive electroacoustic) - Alberto Granados Reguilón