The Queen

zondag 09 mei 2021

Adaptation Sarah Kane: Phaedra’s love

‘Once you have perceived that life is very cruel, the only response is to live with as much humanity, humour and freedom as you can.’ Sarah Kane!

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The performance is in English and lasts 120 minutes.

About the play

After decades of political disagreement, controversy and overthrow my play centres on the world’s most famous monarch, Queen Elizabeth II, and the relationship with her son. Therefor, I used a play by Sarah Kane: Phaedra’s love. Phaedra’s love is Kane’s take on Seneca’s and Euripides tragedies ‘Hippolytus’, which tell the legend of Phaedra, the wife of Theseus. She is cursed by Aphrodite and falls desperately in love with her stepson, the beautiful and chaste youth Hippolytus, with a catastrophic outcome.

I tried to turn the story into a modern, political and subversive version. The play highlights current society’s contempt for tradition and the censure of those who actually behave outside the norm. In my adaptation it is the clash of forces that helps me with the gradual deconstruction and demystification of patterns. However, their status does not allow them to show weakness.

About Konstantinos

‘My goal is to engage the audience both physically and emotionally and confront them with their own prejudices and boundaries. I want to address issues that we encounter every day, but even something as ordinary as a thought, is thwarted by our socially acceptable behaviour or our upbringing, which prevents us from expressing ourselves freely. With this play I want to explore the unconscious of the uncompromised self.’ If you want to share your thoughts, get in touch by email: Follow us on instagram and facebook [thequeenamsterdam] for updates and don’t hesitate to share or to tag us.


Director: Konstantinos Vasilakopoulos
Author: Sarah Kane, Adaptation: Konstantinos Vasilakopoulos
Scenographer: Geurt Holdijk (House of Architects)
Composer / Sound designer: Manolis Kasimakis
Technical producer: Titus Duitshof
Video designer: Lars Huijgen
Cinematographers: Eva Heinsbroek, Titus Duitshof
Light designer: Jasper Nijholt
Executive producer: Sarah Steeman
Costumes: Konstantinos Vasilakopoulos
Executive cameraman/teaser: Hans de Jonge
Communication production: Dominique de Moel
Art direction: Carsten Klein
Promotional  photos: Diederick Bulstra
Stage fighting: Manolis Kasimakis
Set production: Frits van Driel, Judith van de Pas, Daan Westendorp
Photo: Robert van der Ree

Wendell Jaspers
Tim Schmidt
Eva Layla Akiska
Jules Croiset
Jasper van der Pijl
Rick van der Steen

On Video:
Rick van der Steen, Barry Speekman, Ibrahim Ben Hadi, Richard Husemeier, Zephyr Brüggen

Registration Crew:
Matvey Murashko
Sam van Vught
Eva Heinsbroek
Wout Panis

Video editing:
Wout Panis
Sound editing:
Manolis Kasimakis