AHK Circles Diversity & Inclusion

donderdag 10 november 2022, 16:30 - 19:30 uur
Reinwardt Academie
Hortusplantsoen 2
1018 TZ Amsterdam

Safety & Inclusion
In 2022 and 2023 the meetings of the AHK Circles rotate along the six academies of the AHK with the fixed theme: Safety & Inclusion. For each edition we welcome special guests and speakers. 

The next edition is: Thursday 10 November 2022: 

(Dis)abled bodies: Shortcuts to inclusivity and accessibility
Met: o.a. een workshop van Winnie Roseval

Intermezzo ‘Deaf Landscape’ by Andrej Badin (Academie voor Bouwkunst) 

Locatie: Reinwardt Academie

16.30: Walk in
17.00: Programma 
18.30-19.30: Drinks&food

Moderator: Firoza Mulahella

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