"Secret Menu" - SNDO3xECD2

vrijdag 12 april 2024, 19:00 - 22:00 uur
Veem House for Performance
Van Diemenstraat 410
1013 CR Amsterdam

We warmly invite you to "Secret Menu" - SNDO3xECD2
The works are presented on two consecutive evenings on April 12 and 13 & April 19 and 20 at Veem house for perfomance - Van Diemenstraat 408-410, Amsterdam.


Tom.s Boyaval
Pei Kuo, san, Alianor DeVil
Helene Ridderberg
Ditte Toppet, Aleyna Demir, Sem Houmes, Elise Richards
Matthieu La-Brossard & Ulysse Berdat
Hope Landu, Sahara Mary Bittar,Mandisa Gramelsbergeer
Sancha Meca Castro
Salya Berraf

Kairo Fumilayo Edward
Naomi Katthagen
Jakob Wittkowsky
Lucija Miletic
Luqui Lagomarsino
Lola Dupriez
Horatcio Vlijter
Luca Sára Mezei
Billy Morgan
Tim Brügger, Melie Favre,Rowan van den Boomen


Light designer: Katinka Marac
Sound designer: Natasja Giebels
Mentor SNDO3: Joy Mariama Smith
ECD coordinator: Gideon Poirier
PR coordinator: Antonella Fittipaldi and Evelien van de Sanden;

Production coordinator: Laura Iqbal
SNDO Artistic director: Bojana Mladenovic
ECD artistic director: Bojana Bauer

SNDOxECD is a project where students of two dance departments of the Academy of Theatre and Dance work together. A collaboration between 3rd year choreographers of the SNDO and dancers from 2nd year of the ECD, is an annual tradition and valuable part of the curriculum. The programs are presented in Veem House for Performance, following the decade long tradition which started as collaboration between SNDO and MTD (Modern Theatre Department) and later joined by JMD/Urban Contemporary department.

The exchange works as follows: The SNDO3 students get a carte blanche to colaborate with the dancers of ECD2. Together they get to experience all facets of creating an autonomous work – and the responsibility that comes with that freedom. The project allows makers and performers to experiment, explore and develop language of collaboration together, creating an environment where creativity of everyone is activated
to make a choreographic work. It is learning about leading and following, understood as dynamic and relational process, about collaborating and exploring how idea moves into becoming the material and what is the role or choreographer and what of performer in shaping and crafting that material.

About ECD - The innovative, varied and dynamic ECD programme prepares students for a life-long career in dance. The future of dance and question what is ‘contemporary’ are explored. The student is trained to become a high-level dance performer and cocreating artist with great physical awareness, imaginative abilities, critical capacities, precision and adaptability.

About SNDO - School for New Dance Development is a full time four-year professional education course that leads to the diploma Bachelor of Dance - Choreography. The SNDO offers an educational platform to students who want to widen the range of their movement vocabulary, challenge their existing viewpoints, expand their creative processes, and develop performance work. Students are encouraged to make considered choices in creating a position for themselves in the profession and to be aware of the aesthetic, social and political implications of their work in the context of the dance and performance, as well as culture at large.