Jacco's Film wint Publieks Prijs op Go Short

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Op zaterdag 20 maart jl. nam Daan Bakker op het Go Short International Short Film Festival in Nijmegen de Omroep Gelderland/Go Short Audience Award in ontvangst voor Jacco's Film. De film kreeg ook een eervolle vermelding in de categorie Beste Korte Studenten Film.


Uit het juryrapport:

"The jury would extend its deep appreciation to the extraordinary Jacco’s Film by Daan Bakker. This is a prime example of films that are talked about at festivals and fi lm academies, and rightly so. This film, which excels in its rhythm and originality, is a pure joy to watch! The brilliantly written script has been expertly kissed to life by direction, which stays true to its style. In each scene the joy inmaking it and their expertise is clearly evident. The jury is confident in predicting a great future for

its makers."