Graduate AMCh Anja Müller won the jury award of the 100° Festival Berlin

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The duet Interpassive Paradise, which Anja Müller - graduate at the Amsterdam Master of Choreography - created together with Dennis Deter won the jury award of the 100° Festival Berlin 2011 of Hebbel am Ufer Theater.


In Interpassive Paradise Dennis Deter and Anja Müller are following their fascination with storytelling as a collective gift. Inspired by Comic Art they are searching for narratives that does not take place in the visible, not within the pictures. Here, the untold and the in-between is assigned to make the story. For this, Anja and Dennis use bodies, that are not their own, and visit places, that are forgotten: bygone locations, vacation paradises, memories and longings.

In contrast to the usual 24 pictures per second that eye and brain normally have to follow, they seek to displace the permanent stimulus by resonance. Everyone, spectator and performer, is invited to become the active creator of his very own narration.

Interpassive Paradise is a rework of a piece, formerly known as blood in the gutter.

concept & performance: Dennis Deter & Anja Müller