Master Proof Presentations

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Ntando Cele, Maria Kefirova and Luca Andrea Stappers present work that finalizes their studies at DasArts.


22 & 23 February
at 20h00 at DasArts
Mauritskade 56, Amsterdam

Ntando Cele
Here. And Now? (Working title)

Music: Simon Ho

Looking at my history: I package my "blackness" as something that determines my experience of reality, and specifically related to what I have experienced here in Europe. I have to laugh at myself to derange my senses.
Do I have a chip on my shoulder or does racial prejudice still exist?

22 & 23 February
at 21h30 at DasArts
Mauritskade 56, Amsterdam

Maria Kefirova
The Nutcracker 

The Nutcracker, is the performative outcome of the artistic practices that I have been developing in the past two years:  

1. Looking with dedicated attention just next to my point of interest and observing what gets visible next to the central focus.

2. Infiltrating objects with sounds that do not belong to them and creating this way collisions of meaning and narratives.

3. Living the body as a container of multiple realities: creating conditions in order to make my body a hospitable place for the physical presence of my Mike Tyson, Mickey Rourke and Grace Jones.

4. Cracking walnuts.

19 – 23 February 2012
at 18h00 and 21h00 at De Afbramerij (Amsterdam)
t.t. Melaniaweg 12, AMSTERDAM NOORD

Luca Andrea Stappers

“We oscillate between the wish of change and nostalgia. Nobody knows where we are heading and why. But we know we have the opportunity of re-defining society and our place in it.”

 Adrift is a performative installation, which forges the physical feeling of being adrift with the metaphorical implication of being adrift in society, in the world, in life in general. In a series of public runs this analogy will be explored.

The location has no heating therefore it is strongly advised to wear warm outdoors clothing.

(please make a reservation for Adrift at since audience is limited to 10 persons per presentation)