AMCh-student Julien Bruneau organises 'Enchanting Scores'

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Julien Bruneau, student at the Amsterdam Master of Choreography, organises the four-days event 'Enchanting Scores' with Sarma, Laboratory for criticism, dramaturgy, research and creation in Bruxelles. Anthropologist Arnaud Halloy and Julien Bruneau guide a workshop on November 19-21 at Bains Connective.

The day before, on November 18, a salon gathers philosopher Isabelle Stengers, Arnaud Halloy and myself for a shared conversation and a scored collective thinking process with the audience. At the Kaaistudio's.

'Since modern times, we’ve become distant observers of our environment, in which we at once carelessly intervene. Can “enchanting scores” create the conditions for alternative forms of agency and relationality to emerge? Enchanting Scores explores the critical potential of trance practices in today’s art and society.'

This event takes place in the frame of a residency in Bains Connective, in November-December, around the research and performance project "some crosscuts of some of our improbable bodies".

Julien Bruneau
is a choreographer and visual artist based in Brussels. Since 2010, he develops the research phréatiques (aquifers), with the collaboration of A. Llaurens, S. Si Ahmed, L. Myers, M. Dalinsky and J. Peeters. This project leads to performances as well as exhibitions. Currently J. Bruneau is working on an on-line publication on and develops the project “some crosscuts of some of our improbable bodies” in the frame of his studies at the Amsterdam Master of Choreography. His work is/has been supported by a.o. Sarma, Bains Connective, Netwerk, workspacebrussels, Vooruit and Les Halles.
You could find more information in Sarma's newsletter below and on their website : workshop and salon.

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