DasArts Changes #2: More room for professional activities

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Emerging theatre professionals often have two needs: on the one hand, finding a place and the time to do research in order to develop their practice, and on the other, engaging in professional projects in order to build up their career. DasArts has redesigned its structure to create more room for integrating professional activities in the study course.

We consider the study course to be a period in which students combine their encounters with peers and guest teachers, the input they gain from a collective programme (block) and the results of their own investigations with their professional opportunities or obligations. In today’s world, artistic development cannot be detached from the larger perspective of production and presentation.

How can going on tour with an existing piece inform my ambitions for future work? To what extent is it interesting to explore various professional roles in theatre? How do I want to adapt to or influence the conditions found in a production situation? What can I learn from audiences? These can be interesting questions to address in addition to topics related to inherently artistic matters.

We have chosen to expand the possibilities for our future students and intend to cater to those who are eager to include their professional projects as well as to those who want to dedicate themselves to their studio practice and field research.

DasArts Changes #1: Enter Creative Producers / Curators / Programme Makers

The arts field is facing some real challenges nowadays. The overall political climate demands far more entrepreneurship and self-sustaining models. Artists are not the only ones to respond to these changes; producers, curators and programme makers are also redefining their role and developing their practices. DasArts has decided to offer an environment to these young practitioners.