DasArts - 28-hour ritual of Unacknowledged Loss

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To celebrate the end of the journey we took during the 2016 Block, we’d like to welcome you on 30 and 31 March to our 28-hour ritual of Unacknowledged Los


Since the beginning of this year, we have worked with guest curator Barbara Raes on the theme of unacknowledged loss. You will have the opportunity to participate with us in a long ritual, divided into three parts. Over a period of 28 hours we will be presenting a combination of newly created rituals for unacknowledged loss and a presentation of the artistic poetics we encountered during this block. Happy to share these final presentations with you!

Isobel Dryburgh, Melih Gençboyaci, Ira Melkonyan, Alexander Nieuwenhuis, Gabino Rodríguez, Annefleur Schep, Abhishek Thapar, Olga Tsvetkova & Noah Voelker.

Three stages of Unacknowledged Loss
The programme of the 28-hour ritual of Unacknowledged Loss is divided into three stages. You are welcome to join us for one, but you can also sign up for two or all three parts.

Unacknowledged Loss: Stage One
Unacknowledged Loss: Stage Two
Unacknowledged Loss: Stage Three

Part of this 28-hour ritual is the ongoing programme Tracks and Traces:
• Koen van Synghel- exposition/lecture in stage two
• Ritsaert Ten Cate – ‘The offering- A Meditation’
• Ronald Boer – exposition / lecture in stage two
• Melih Gencboyaci- ‘Lost Letter’ (‘Verloren brief’)

Reservations are required: dasarts@ahk.nl. We will send you a confirmation mail within two to three days if you are on the list. Stage One has a limited sleeping capacity so we have to have a first-come, first-serve policy.

The entrance fee per stage is € 7.50 (please bring cash!). There is no entrance fee to Tracks and Traces.

The 28-hour ritual of Unacknowledged Loss will take place in our new building! Address: Overhoeksplein 2, Amsterdam (NL).

Unfolding Fields of Interaction with Health, Life, Loss and Death
Each year, DasArts organizes a block in which guest curators contribute to a programme based on a particular theme for a period of two and a half months. In this year’s block, Helen Medland and Tim Harrison (directors of the SICK! Festival in Manchester and Brighton), and Barbara Raes (researcher at KASK School of Arts, Ghent) introduced the students to difficult topics and urgent physical, mental and social challenges as well as to how the performing arts have the power to create new ‘transitional’ spaces. Read more about the block.