HALf6 on 29 August 17:30 - A new present!

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This new schoolyear opens with the first HALf6 in the main hall at the entrance, especially for all the new students.

(But what about the future and its past?!)

Our guests are several 4th years students and the following inspiring alumni: Eline Arbo (Regie Opleiding), Suze van Miltenburg (Theaterdocent), Noemi  Wagner (Moderne Theaterdans), Ruben Wijnstok (Scenografie). They will  tell us about their present projects, how they look back at the study and how they see their future.

There is room for questions as well, and a performance from the ATKA!

Be there or be square!
Drinks and soup afterwards.

Our friends and colleagues from outside the ATD are also cordially invited to be present.