DAS Graduate School launches DAS Radio and DAS Papers

A Building That Hears

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After two years of pioneering work, DAS Graduate School is becoming more and more of an active international community, a welcoming location for meaningful encounters, and an open house for experimental work and productive interdisciplinary gatherings. While we appreciate the intimacy and rather small scale of our environment, we are also curious about expanding the ways in which we can communicate our activities and share the results of our work with more diverse audiences.

DAS Graduate School is therefore launching two new platforms for the publication of audio and written material: DAS Radio and DAS Papers. Both are available for proposals from the entire community and seek to disseminate the positions, research and practices of students, faculty and guests.

A series of podcasts
The first season of DAS Radio will be produced by DAS Theatre students Ira Brand, Max Gadow and Samara Hersch. They have proposed a series of podcasts that document conversations about art, community and performance – at the dinner table. The idea is to curate encounters between experts from various fields based in Amsterdam and current students or tutors: “Since DAS Theatre consists of artists from all around the globe, many of whom are trying to establish themselves in Amsterdam, we are interested in a project that encourages us to connect our artistic and thematic concerns with the broader Amsterdam community.” DAS Radio will soon be accessible on SoundCloud and our website.

Respond to current urgencies
DAS Papers will likewise appear in a digital and print-on-demand format. As a platform, it assumes the freedom of publishing material in an unpredictable rhythm in order to respond to current urgencies and opportunities. The initial season is edited by Barbara Van Lindt, Jeroen Fabius and Marijke Hoogenboom, and will proudly be launched on April 12th with an issue featuring a How Do You Work Session dedicated to contemporary views of curating, with Jaamil Olawale Kosoko.